Something For
Every Taste

Our venues offer an experience that aim to fulfil your every desire.

Where We Specialize


Serving customers with
everything from Cofee to
Cocktails all day and night.

Sports Bars

Live streaming global sports
24/7 while serving up quality
fods, drinks, and service.


Clubs with live DJs, a wide,
range of quality drinks, and food
for every hour night or day.

Our many years of experience in entertaining guests from around the world have allowed us to grow into a brand that delivers exactly what our customers want at any time night or day.  Our exceptional 24-hour service, all-night parties, live sports, food, and drinks will provide you with every reason to stay with us and create memories that will last forever. 

Bills Lounge

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue with growth through providing customers with an unforgettable experience underpinned by excellent service.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to expand our operations locally and internationally with venues that fulfil the desires of a diverse market of customers.

Bills Lounge

If you are looking for the perfect environment to enjoy while conducting business or to share with someone special, or need a big night out, or you want catch up on your favourite sports.


Bills Lounge News

Our Blog covers a range of topics relating to the growth of the brand, the locations in which we operate, and how our network can be rewarded for coming on board as partners to support the international expansion of Bills Lounge.